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What they say about us

This is what our customers say about our service.


Barsha Neupane

“Best stage decoration anywhere I’ve seen. Highly recommend it !!!”


Ramchandra Poudel

“I loved the service. The hall was looking fab !!!!”.

Kamal Sapkota

Basanta Poudel

“I’ve never seen cars look so good at weddings. <3  “


Sumit tiwari

“I used their service in our subha bibaha and everyone was asking who managed the services.”

"Liked the overall service. Everything was gorgeous, the car, the hall, the flowers, the reception."
Arjun Sapkota
"Mandap looked amazing, the flowers were nice, the reception was fabulous!!! I didn't think they could do such a good job."
Aasish Kandel

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Collins Street West 
Victoria 8007 Australia


+61 3 8376 6284